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About 10Tik

About 10Tik

Carlton Nembhard popularly known as 10tik was born on January 1st 1994 .The young star is a native of Kingston where he grew up on Maxfield Park Road. As a young boy Nembhard migrated to the Mandeville parish while there he attended Mandeville Primary and Junior High. 10tik later pursued his secondary education at DeCarteret College; it was at this time he began his integration into the man he currently is today. At DeCarteret he joined the cadet club where he was groomed and proficiently trained. it is due to this experience there we now see the artiste exhibiting a great level of militancy and discipline. “Being in the cadet club taught me that we create our limits in our mind. With enough determination, we can find an unknown power and with team work, we can challenge any force in the way,” 10tik explained. He recants that his time in cadet plays a great part in his reason for following his dream and pursuing music.

At age 18, 10tik moved back to Kingston where he lived an area nearby the tough “Common Sense” community in Red Hills Road. While there he made the decision to join the Jamaica Fire Brigade where he worked five years as one of the station’s top firefighters. The artiste was one of the fearless first responders to the fire that destroyed sections of the 303-room Wyndham hotel in New Kingston in 2013.

It was after this he decided to put all his energy into following his dreams of becoming a recording artiste. He jumpstarted his music career by releasing songs such as “Lead Inna Head” and “She Don’t Mind” on his own X3M Inc Productions label. He worked hard to solidify his name in the industry and continued to release songs such as: “Gangsta” and “Soul of the City”. He was welcomed into the music fraternity but was still seen as an underground sensation until 2021 when he released his breakout hit, “Roll Deep”.

10tik is an old soul, his music can be described as reflective. He speaks about his struggles, his upbringing as well his victories. He won over his audience with his honest and captivating lyrics as he bared his soul in his heartfelt hit; over sixteen (16) million listeners praised the powerful track. The artiste steadily releases music that continues to push the contemporary boundaries of dancehall which is a clear implication he is here for a good time but also a long time. 10tik prides himself on making relatable music. His music perpetuates his lifestyle, the “Gwallaz” lifestyle to be exact. His grimey yet introspective, melodic approach is his unique contribution to the genre. Since February 2021 10tik has released songs such as: “One Team”, “Activ” and “Zone”. 10tik will continue to be the voice of the youth meanwhile being his true and authentic self.

“At its core, ah the people who a come from nothing, born with a burning urge to change their conditions . As a Gwalla, you must be down to earth, spiritual and appreciative of life in its simplest form. A rebel. A warrior of life.”

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